2023-2024 Books

Elementary (from the 2024 Georgia Children’s Book Award Top 20 List)

  • Air: A Novel by M. Roe
  • Honestly Elliott by G. McDunn
  • The List of Unspeakable Fears by J. K. Kramer
  • The Midnight Children by H. Holt
  • Mwikali and the Forbidden Mask by S. Nguru
  • Omar Rising by A. Saeed
  • Ride On by F. E. Hicks
  • The Summer of June by J. Sumner
  • Thirst by B. Varsha
  • Tumble by C. C. Perez

Middle (from the 2024 Georgia Children’s Book Award Top 20 List)

  • Attack of the Black Rectangles by A. S. King
  • Ellen Outside the Lines by A. J. Sass
  • Falling Short by E. Cisneros
  • Golden Girl by R. Faruqi
  • How to Find What You’re Not Looking For by V. Hiranandani
  • Maizy Chen’s Last Chance by L. Yee
  • Miss Quinces by K. Fajardo
  • Onyeka and the Academy of the Sun by M. K. McElderry
  • Super Troop by B. Hale
  • Too Bright to See by K. Lukoff

High (from the 2024 Georgia Peach Books Award Nominee List)

  • The Agathas by K. Glasgow & L. Lawson
  • All My Rage by S. Tahir
  • All That’s Left in the World by E. J. Brown
  • The Chandler Legacies by A.Nazemian
  • Confessions of an Alleged Good Girl by J. Goffney
  • The Darkness Outside Us by E. Screfer
  • The Drowned Woods by E. Lloyd-Jones
  • The Heartbreak Bakery by A. R. Capetta
  • Hollow Fires by S. Ahmed
  • How Moon Fuentez Fell in Love with the Universe by R.V. Gilliland
  • I Must Betray You by R. Sepetys
  • Into the Sublime by K. A. Boorman
  • Kneel by C. Buford
  • Love Times Infinity by L. Clark
  • My Mechanical Romance by A. F. Follmuth
  • Right Where I Left You by J. Winters
  • See You Yesterday by R. L. Solomon
  • The Sunbearer Trials by A. Thomas
  • This Poison Heart by K. Bayron
  • Tonight We Rule the World by Z. Smedley
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